Daffodils and Goa?

Have you read the poem daffodils?

Do school children read it today?

Have you learnt it by heart?

Have you heard of the technique called by heart or by rote or memorising?

Does the   poem have any relevance to Goan society today?

Have you ever been asked to study by memorising or learning by heart? What were the areas?

How many daffodils the poet saw?

Can you describe a floating cloud?

Have you analysed the poem?

If you were to replace daffodils which flower or scene would, you choose in Goa.

Could Goan society experience such nature scenes in near future? Argue.

Has Goan society ever experienced close encounters with nature ? Would they do so in near future?.

Can your foresee in Goa a struggle between nature and urbanisation?

Do daffodils have any message to Goa today?

Do you have nature poets in Goa?

What type of nature scenes have Goan poets captured in their poetry?

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