Quo Vadis we the people? Quo vadis Constitution?

Have we traveled different paths?

Courts, lawers , litigants , and politicians . 

I see some sections of society walking rapidly and vigorously.

Towards their own set goals.

Some are based..on academic material 

Like they study in college. 

Some are from the patriots 

Who were youngsters  during midnight. 

influenced by midnight speech dream 

Some were other  patriots -who loved their country-   a product of times. 

Some were influenced by the grandeur of  judgements and of law. 

For some it was sounds of history and law

that rumbling thunder in indian skies. 

Well recorded and linked to Marshal and Cardozo.

in line and tune to those greats .


Is it times for Indian jurisprudence to reflect . the different dimensions of Constitutionalism?

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