The Indianess in a Goan


  1. The Question is intriguing
  2. It arises today and has emerged in various points of history
  3. Neither history nor culture seem to provide definite answers
  4. Analyzing Goa’s past from Portuguese era till to-date, there has been a mirage of answers
  5. It depends to whom one speaks; it depends on circumstances; it depends on time

For instance the term India, indianess  has been vaguely used by Goans to express different concepts

  1. Eg. Francisco Luis Gomes is believed to have demanded liberty and light for India
  2. When he spoke in the Portuguese Parliament about liberty and light, was he demanding those for the whole of India or Goa only?
  3. When Albuquerque said India will speak for me and for itself, did he mean Goa or Estado da India or India in general?
  4. Loyola used the word India in his speech of 1933 several times. Did  the context appears to have changed frequently in the text (?).
  5. Many Portuguese writers in Goa begin with the history of Goa with the Portuguese entry in 1510 but this was not used by all the authors ,especially Goans?
  6. Many Hindu authors even in Portuguese times were not trapped in the 1510 bracket.  So also many Catholic historians, poets from Goa were not imprisoned within the 1510 bracket.
  7. Again Francisco Luis Gomes in one of his letters claimed that he was born in the land that had invented the rules of war in a game (Chess) and had created an epic in Mahabharata
  8. Why was Gomes presenting this stand?
  9. Even traditionally families were claiming ancestry to some of the epic characters from the warrior classes, or  from the priestly class., etc.


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