strategy for introducing variety of research courses

Strategy for Introducing Variety of Research Courses in India


  Once the necessity for research has been realized the next step is to identify various important and strategic areas having in view the needs of the Indian society. Once the technique of evaluating demands for research have been assessed, it is easy to plan for fields that can be made available for research. The first step is to realize the variety of research that is theoretically available in India – indeed it is a treasure house. Unfortunately the courses floated in India by various Universities are very limited and they offer a poor choice. For instance subject like Criminology is offered for Ph. D. by every second university of India.  Therefore, there is a need for realization of the variety of research that can be floated in India. Otherwise we may be just multiplying and duplicating courses for the sake of a course. For instance earlier in India the educational institutions offered degrees in Arts, Science and Commerce and were not looking beyond it. The creamier ones offered medicine and engineering. This went on for years and few institutions plunged outside this rail track. It took some effort for education to add flexibility to this skeletal design and trespass into courses like Physio-therapy, Neurology, Journalism, Mass communication, Business Management, etc.  Today however India can boast from historical research to the high sounding fields of embryo, genetic engineering, surrogacy and so on.

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