An Overview of Research Today


A few points may be noted about research in present times:

Expanding horizons for research:

 Presently the horizons of knowledge are expanding and so the demand for research too. For instance even the traditional areas of law like Torts, Constitution, Civil and Criminal Law are being explored further and deeper with branching into newer areas with finer distinctions in concepts, critical analyses, vision and mission. Ever increasing subjects are clamouring for space and recognition at doctorate level.

 Newer Areas Evolving for Research

Also newer areas are rapidly evolving – a case of exploding galaxies. Cyber Law, Cyber Crime, Space law, Insurance law, Banking Law, Air and Space Laws for aeronautical applications, Laws of the Sea   etc., are attracting new talent.


 Influence of Foreign Courses

 Some courses in foreign countries either through positive and innovative designing have pushed the limits of boundaries of research further.


Some foreign Universities offer courses that include International Sea Laws, Mercantile Laws, Torts on High Seas, Damages at sea, International Private Law, International Public Law etc. Is it not feasible for many Indian Universities with bright students and staff to offer such courses that may be suited to Indian Environment?



 Need for Research to bloom in India.

India is fast developing with an ever increasing demand for Doctorate degrees. The socio political conditions of the country have brought about this change in attitude even among the middle class and economically deprived.  Hence, it is up to the educational system and the research institutions to provide these opportunities. This implies that there has to be a variety of doctorate degree that research institutions must offer.  India has the infrastructure to some extent where the innovative approach can be utilized for research. Thus it is possible to create new avenues for research. Also a lot of foreign researchers are looking eagerly at the East particularly India for their field of research.





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